Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Michael Jackson by Estefania

                                           Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a  professional song writer. He was born in August 1958 and he died in 2009.

Before being a song writer, he was a producer, actor and a dancer.

Michael Jackson´s music is popular and famous all over the world 

Michael Jackson  has got 11 albums. Jackson´s first album was launched in 1971, he was 13 years old. 

Jackson had 8 brothers and Michael was the fifth one. In 1983, Jackson and his brothers participated in one of Pepsi´s advertisements in the USA.



BIRDTAH by Sara A.


                                        MY OWN PROJECT: BIRDTAH

  This animal is a called Birdtah. They are 3m big.  They can fly. They live around the world. They sleep in the clouds. When they fly the rainbow appears. They are usually in famous parks and tourists ride them. In the summer you can see them in Donosti playing in Igeldo´s park. Birdtahs like attraction parks. They eat hamburgers in the Mcdonalds. 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017



This is Artic Bengal Cheetah it’s a funny animal.
It’s about to disappear. It lives in Sri Lanka island in meadow.
It runs very very fast. It runs 300 km/h .
It has got Artic wolf’s head, Bengal tiger’s legs and Cheetah’s tail.
It eats berries and fruits from the trees.
People have these animals at home as pets. Artic Bengal Cheetahs can also carry people.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Tentacrúel by Iosu



                 This animal is the Tentacrúel. This animal is big and rare.It lives in Africa. It's got two long legs, a big body and a long kangaroo tail.

 It has got tentacles, and it can run very fast. It's similar to the           ostrich,but with a monster´s head.

 Humans are scared of it.But it is a loving animal.It attacks when there is danger.It eats fish.It's favorite food is pizza.



It is a United States series of comedy. It is direct by Matt Groening. Since its debut in1988 it has broadcasted more than 600 episodes.The Simpsons is an animated series. It is a family of 5 members: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. My favourite characters are Homer, Bart and Maggie.
Homer was created by Matt Groening. The Spanish voice of Homer is from Dan Castellaneta which has won 4 Pirmetete award. Bart is 10 ten years old and he is the son of Homer . His voice is interpreted by Tom Cart.

Resultado de imagen de homer

Resultado de imagen de bart simpson



Peyton list is an American actress and model. In the Jessi series she acts and her character is Emma Ross.It´ sin Disnney Channel. Apart from the series Jessi,she has also participated in various films and TV episodes.
List  was born in April 6th, 1998. She has got two brothers; her twin Spencer and a brother who is 9 years younger. Both are actors too.


                               MY   OWN   PROJECT

                 This animal is called Jimengo.They are very big, they are 43 meters long.

         They are monsters and they eat animals and people. They have got giraffe´s head,flamingo´s leg and desert iguana´s tail. 

            They live around the world, they sleep in the clouds. When it´s windy they go to Brasil , and when it´s summer they come to Donostia .