Wednesday, 13 December 2017

loles leon by dayana

Jenna Ortega by Nora

Funny animal by Iraitz


It is a very big animal and it can fly. 

Tontus magicus eats 500kilos in a day. Its favorite food is MCDONALS and its favorite color is blue.

It lives in the dump.This animal is very beautiful.

The best friend of Tontus magicus999 is Idiotus maximus777. T

ontus magicus is very fast and Tontus magicus's favorite number is 9.

It has got a rhino's head, the body of a fish and the tail of an ostrich

Ice Cream Sundae by Eneko


Thursday, 16 November 2017

OBESUS 777 by Ander

This is Obesus 777. It´s a very rare animal.
This animal lives in the trunk of a taxi, but usually it goes to the jungle.
It eats junk food. Its  favorite food is MC Donald`s. It eats 300 kilos of food a day.
It can fly but as it eats so much it flies only 1 or 2 meters high.
It can live for 777 years and one thousandth later it dies.
Obesus 777 likes playing  Nintendo switch while eating Doritos on the couch.
It has dragonfly legs and  a pig´s nose.
It is a beautiful and cute animal.